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Piggy's Beat Mix

Piggy’s band is creating a new song called "Pig Sings". Each band member has a different music genre as their favorite, and they end up arguing on which one the song should be in. Everyone has a strong opinion on which genre to choose. One likes Rock, the other prefers Dance... Since they can’t choose, they decide to do a mash-up song that features everyone’s favorite genres (Rock, Samba, Metal, Dance and Ska), all five of them How would Samba and Heavy Metal go together? Try and find out!

You are the conductor and the band members are your orchestra. Tap and swipe them up or down and make them play riffs and fills! Swipe them left or right and they change the genre! Drag them and they start dancing hilariously to the rhythm of finger’s movements!

The technolgy behind the app guarantees that music will sound great every time.  Kids can also improve their sense of rhythm. They can learn how adding a fill or a riff at the beginning or at the end of the bar, or swiping in another loop when there is a chord change has a powerful ffect on the way the song sounds. Playing this game provides first experiences on what it’s like to play in a band, and can encourage players to start playing instruments themselves!

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